“Time and Tide wait for no man”

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The earliest recording of this proverb appears to originate with St. Marher around the year 1200 AD (or so I found from a brief internet search). At that time, St Marher spoke middle English, so we need a modern English translation. Believe it or not, the “modern” version is; “the tide abides for, tarrieth for no man, stays no man, tide nor time tarrieth no man. That evolved into the present day version; ‘Time and Tide wait for no man’. I confess, I have been known to use the word “tarry”.

The word tide originally referred to a distinct period of time, such as Yuletide. St Marher’s proverb probably meant that time and events or seasons march on. Since today the most common use of the word tide has to do with the movement of water, we usually interpret the proverb to mean that nothing we do will stop time or tidal motion.

 I admit, I’ve had a lifelong habit of procrastination (which is occasionally a problem). Usually it’s because I’m not sure what I really want, or “it” is not ready yet (read perfect), or I allow myself to be distracted. So I’m trying something new. I know that everything on this website and blog isn’t perfect, but I think beginning is better than putting it off. If I don’t start, I won’t improve. I’ve been “planning” to start this website for 2 years now. So here is my first official blog entry.

A winter's walk on the beach searching for sea glass and shells
A winter’s walk on the beach searching for sea glass and shells

I’m Chris Cantwell and I make jewelry. Sometimes that jewelry involves sea glass. I recently created a custom piece for a client with her own piece of sea glass based on one of my designs she’d seen at a local gallery. I’m lucky in that I also work at that gallery (Indian Town Gallery)

While time and tide may not wait, they do work together to make beautiful and unique objects. When walking the beach, you may get lucky and find a beautiful piece of sea glass. A shard of glass that mother nature and time has altered to create something beautiful from what was once a piece of trash.

So. with a little help from me,  my client now has a necklace that reminds her of the perpetual motion of time and tide.

Custom sterling silver and sea glass pendant
Custom sterling silver and sea glass pendant



And although you can’t make it wait, you can make time and tide work for you. With patience, observance and a little luck, those two forces of nature may provide you with an old piece of common trash that has been transformed into a beautiful work of art, commonly known as of sea glass.

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